Salma Hayek turns into a beautiful rainbow on Instagram


Salma Hayek turns into a beautiful rainbow on Instagram

Salma Hayek.

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

Salma Hayek made a colorful appearance on Instagram. The actress of mexican origin has been painted as a symbol of union and hope, all in honour of the health workers who day by day risk their lives to help others in these hard days because of the coronavirus.

“I paint this rainbow ? in the face because it is a symbol of unity and hope. Thanks to all the health workers for their courage and tenacity,” wrote Sama next to the image.

The driver Releases The Soup, Carolina Sandoval, has also made use their social networks to talk about the importance of social distancing-pandemic world that is lived by the COVID-19.

And as well as all of the above many celebrities have raised their voice to invite the citizens to stay at home, to create awareness, thereby highlighting that the best way to control the distressing numbers that reflect the number of victims caused by coronavirus is staying at home, resguardándose to protect those we love and to ourselves. Shakira, Ricky Martin, Marc Anthony and even Jennifer Lopez are spreading this message.

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