Selena Gomez complaint to a gaming company for using her image


Selena Gomez

The singer and actress Selena Gomez has been suing a developer of video games china for using his image without permission. The game in which you have used your image is known as Clothes Forever – Styling Game and allows players to travel all over the world wearing the famous. The description of the title in the App Store describes that “the looks of the Kardashian, Gigi, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, and more celebrities will be added soon to ask for fashion tips to the players“although after what happened it is not clear if these famous have agreed that their image appears in the game.

That would be known at the global level in the series of Disney Channel’s The Wizards of Waverly Place and becomes involved in the polemic series from Netflix 13 Reasons request in their lawsuit a total of $ 10 million Guangzhou Feidong Software Technology Co. and MutantBox Interactive Limited, the companies behind the mobile game, as collected in Gamerant. Although the singer is not named in the game’s description, she argues that one of the characters in the game is inspired in his person.

Selena Gomez considered to be “unpleasant” the microtransactions from the game

As you can see in the picture walk of the story, one of the first catches that potential players can see it in the App Store is a young woman of brown hair with a white shirt, and a dress of leather, being the representation of virtually a mirror image based on the cover of the magazine Flare that starred Selena Gomez, in its edition of November 2015. The singer and actress stresses have not consented to be part of the game, calling their microtransactions unpleasant.

Now, before a most unlikely agreement between celebrity and company, will have to wait for the law to intervene to resolve the case.