Selena Gomez: More daring than ever!


The singer and actress Selena Gomezpublished some days ago a sending that was well saved. Without prior notice, published a few sensual images in the best style “bad girl”. With more than 5 million likes, his followers applauded the innovation and alagaron to the young star. But this did not remain there.

After posting his new single “Boyfriend” the celebrity has become very bold. Photos sensual not stop arriving, it was now shown to his fans with some transparencies that no one saw coming. Modeling the dress that you used for the video of the song that has more of 24,938,284 reproductions, struck more than one.

Singer Selena Gomez says goodbye to his apareciencia Disney

Although the first few pictures seemed to be a little more provocative, the fans went crazy with the transparencies of the young star. Accumulating more than 8,000,000 “like” the image was the feeling of Instasgram for many hours, even yet continues to add more hearts. After d deal with many diseases, this is the new and renewed Selena Gomez.

It should be noted that the young man of 27 years of age, had to experience the effects associated with bipolar disorder, but said that I try to live with the symptoms.”My ups and downs were really high, and my low brought me out for weeks,” said the star. This is a reality, she suffers from bipolarity and you already have a certificate that makes it real.

At the same time, Gomez said, “I Discovered that I do have mental health issues” and clarified that it was a “big relief”. After being treated, we saw a substantial change to the singer, even she herself accepted it. “I took the right medication and my life changed completely”. Now you might say that there are Selena Gomez for a long time.