Selena Gomez puts a demand millionaire in this game for using her image


In addition, in the game have also been involved with other celebrities like Taylor Swift and Rihanna

Selena Gomez he has presented a demand of $ 10 million against a video game on the world of fashion by use your image without your consent.

The game, which is available in the application store of Apple, it is called “Clothes Forever – Styling Game” and in its promotion are other celebrities such as Taylor Swift and Rihanna, because that is about accompany famous for shopping and calls for payments ranging from 99 cents up to 100 dollars.

As he argues Gómez on demand published by the journal Variety, none of the developers of the application has requested permission nor informed about the use of her image.

In addition, the writing ensures that the artist would never have agreed to participate in a advertising that tries to attract purchases of up to $ 100 in “imaginary things”.

“The defendants never requested, consulted or informed Gomez about the use of any of their rights of publicity in connection with the game,” he says.

“Neither are you, if you asked, Gomez would have consented to such use to the Game, which apparently it is based on the obnoxious practice of attract to its users to make purchases in the game, with amounts up to $ 99.99 in expenses imaginaries and new features”, explains the legal team.

The note also argues that the singer “carefully select all the endorsements and business opportunities” in a way that promotes your goals and is a role model for young people.

The defendants are a chinese company called Guangzhou Feidong Software Technology, and other british, MutantBox Interactive Limitedacting as a developer and distributor of the application.

This is not the first time that a celebrity takes to the courts for the fraudulent use of his image in false advertising.

For example, the actress and tv presenter Ellen DeGeneres sued alongside Sandra Bullock more than 100 companies of health products and cosmetics by use without consent, your name in alleged false reviews of products.