Shakira receives gold medals at New York Festivals TV & Films Awards 2020

Shakira continues to gain recognition in the world thanks to their projects, their work, their voice and talent. After his return to the stage with the tour ‘The Golden World Tour’the singer was able to connect with thousands of people in different countries, who received it with fondness and interpreting their greatest hits.

Recently, the barranquilla returned to the news after becoming the winner of two awards during the ceremony, the New York Festivals TV & Films Awards 2020 for his documentary of the concerts that marked his artistic trajectory.

The interpreter ‘I like’ and Sony Music Entertainment received two gold medals during the celebration for the film project ‘Shakira in Concert: The Golden World Tour’, a full-length feature film recorded the whole process behind this tour and the impact it had on the international scene.

This title was awarded with the awards Special ‘Performing Arts’ and ‘Special Event’checking new triumphs for the colombian within the artistic framework that incorporates the music and his return to the industry.

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It is important to remember that this documentary recorded several key moments of Shakira behind the scenes, on the stage, their trials and personal experiences that he lived to meet again with thousands of their loyal fans.

Similarly, this work left to the sight of the effort and performance that had artist after living a raw health situation to suffer an injury to their vocal cords.

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After arriving to european countries and to visit his native land, this film reveals details of the tour, which is considered a milestone in the career of Shakira and the growth of the industry in Latin at the global level.

‘Shakira in Concert: The Golden World Tour’ premiered last month of November of 2019 in 79 countries of the world in a projection of a single night. More than two thousand movie theaters had the presence of fans of the singer, who opened his heart with this documentary.

The winners of these awards were announced on the 21st of April.

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