Snoop Dogg celebrates the Day of the Marijuana singing “Mary Jane” (+VIDEO)


Snoop Dogg held one of their favorite days of the year, 4/20, paying homage to the singer Rick James and singing his hit song ‘Mary Jane’ in an Instagram Live.

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The rapper 48-year-old took to Instagram to let his millions of followers, singing the classic theme along with it. And of course, Snoop I use to smoke a respective “porro” in the process.

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Obviously, in view of the quarantine, many people were not able to meet to smoke ‘grass’ together. But, Snoop just decided to put on her bath robe and let the fans participate and interact in your personal session.

If you didn’t know, April 20 is considered the Day of Marijuanaand although there are two versions of the because, what is true is that the consumers of Cannabis in the world choose to celebrate and of course smoking.

By the way, “Mary Jane” it is considered one of the hymns of smoking weed, which had a huge resurgence with the release of the movie ‘Friday’. It was released originally in 1978 and reached its peak between the first five in the list of music R&B that same year.

Other celebrities who are linked to the business of the Marijuana as Miley Cyrus and Bella Thorne they decided to celebrate 4/20 in their own way. While Thorne performed Live and ate pizza in front of his followers with a playlist armando with themes alluding to Marijuana use. Cyrus he simply said that she is sober of the Cannabisbut as she waved to the people that still smoke.

According to The Blast, Cyrus he explained in a video of Instagram [ahora eliminado] in October I was really sober: “I’m four months sober. It is the best I have ever felt. I’m beaming”.

Maybe your relationship with Cody Simpson have some influence in this whole process.

Another that I also take not only to greet their fellow smokers on 4/20, but to offer the product, was the ex-boxer Mike Tysonwhich , if you didn’t know has its own factory with product Marijuana.

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