So Katy Perry adapts his style to the look mom-to-be


Its styling is controversial: to the artist love the trend of retro and looks the similar to a model pin-up. Now, with a belly, stays true to his style.
Katy Perry’s floral-print dress and a lilac. Photo: IG.

Pink and purple are your colors of choice. And pictures of flowers and hearts are a constant in their looks. Katy Perry it seems out of a time machine. She is synonymous with the trend vintage and recalls the girls of pin-up. But we never imagined how to dress with a pregnant belly.

Katy Perry in the sweet waiting. Photo: IG

She is expecting her first child with Orlando Bloom. And it seems to stay true to your style: you keep using dress adjusted to the body, floral prints, hairstyles with waves and water rings with an air of the seventies.

A look at what Dita Von Tees. Photo: IG

The style of Dita Von TeeseKaty Perry shared on networks a look that’s very unique: dress the body in lilac, with a t-shirt patterned with flowers, rings with flower-shaped shade and a make-up also engamado in the pink and lilac.