Sophie Turner tells how it has affected your mental health the state of his character in ‘Survive’: “I’ve been obsessed”


When he was finished ‘Game of Thrones’, Sophie Turner carefully chose his next project, and decided to go for ‘Survive‘.

The series of chapters of just 8 minutes, has been one of the head titles of the launch of Quibi, a new content platform.

‘Survive’ starts with the premise of Jane, the character of Turner, coming out of a rehabilitation clinic “for broken people” and with the plan to commit suicide on the plane back home.

An accident in flight will change the plans of Jane and her life forever, but for Sophie it has been the first time playing a character so tormented and with serious mental health problems, something that has affected your own mental healthaccording to have told the actress to Elle magazine.

“I read the script and I fell in love with him. In ‘Survive’, my character has been in rehabilitation for almost a year. And in fact I suffer from depression. I also have anxiety and eating disorders. I felt that he knew a lot of that world”.

Faced with the question of whether the series has helped her with problems of their own, Sophie is sincere.

“I suppose, yes, at the time it’s very therapeuticbecause I’m not thinking of myself. But after, um, not much. What happens is that… I’ve been so obsessed to portray the problems of the character I have not worked on mine“.

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