“Spike Lee wants to play as hard as you can”


Serena Williams is the player more successful outside of their sport. The 23-time champion of Slam has contributed a lot to the growth of women’s tennis in the new millennium, but their hopes of winning another Major decrease increasingly, because in September next will meet 39 years.

Earning almost $ 29 million in prizes and endorsements, Williams was the female athlete highest paid in 2016. He repeated this feat in 2017 when it was the only woman on the Forbes list of the 100 athletes best paid with $ 27 million in prizes and endorsements.

. The american film director Spike Lee presents at the US Open every year, he sits in the Arthur Ashe stadium in Flushing Meadows, and always encourages Serena. The two renowned personalities of the united States, are good friends and have been in contact for a long time.

“I’ve known Spike for many years. We always have dinner. Has a house near the mine in Palm Beach, ” he once said Serena Williams. “Sometimes I go there and dine. We play tennis together. He is super-intense.

Want to play as hard as you can. I’m like, Spike, are you sure? I mean, hey, quiet. He is a great person. I love your children we All get along well. We love the discussions. Every time we’re having dinner, are looking for a debate.

You have to join and choose a side. I always try to choose the opposite side so that it can be a debate. Although it is fun. I love it. That is what I want to do and that is why I want you to remember me. It is not what I do here, but how can I inspire people off the court, ” added the former world number 1.