Surprise! Niall Horan became a trend For an announcement that gave their fans! What will it be?


A few months ago Niall Horan released their second album as a solo artist through “Heartbreak Wheather”, being the simple Black and White one of the that received more welcome from their fans.

It is for this reason that the member One Direction decided to make a important surprise for them, then released a “lyric video” on top of that successful song and just hours of uploading to YouTube, is about to surpass the 300 thousand reproductions.

What is surprising is that that simple music, nor even the favorite of the british composer, who was surprised how much I liked it its millions of followers around the world.

This gift that made the a guitarist of 26 years it does so in full quarantine, which has sought to enter more in contact with their admirers and recently have made several live from your profile Instagram.

Comments to the video published by the singer in to your YouTube account with more than 3 million subscribers, are of praise and support on the part of those who enjoy their musical productions as a soloist.

Meanwhile the fans of One Direction ask when will the group once again to join, their are still members are still working in their respective careers and Niall Horan not to be left behind.

The album young artist “Heartbreak Wheater” reached the first place in the billboards of the United Kingdom and was for several weeks in the Top 10 of the united States, Australia, Canada, Ireland and New Zealand.