‘Tell me Bbsita’ of Robledo and Alex Martini is even worse than its title, and is already top 4 in Spain – jenesaispop.com


The input stronger of the week in the singles Spanish is a song published on April 9, which now occupies the second position of the songs most played on Spotify Spain, and entering in the number 4 of the aforementioned list of singles, which places it behind only ‘Safaera‘ Bad Bunny, ‘Yellow‘ J Balvin ‘and ‘ Tusa’ Karol G and Nicki Minaj. It is a composition of reggaeton called ‘Tell me Bbsita’ well salpicadita of sexism and sexualization cheap who sign the ragman madrid Robledo and his collaborator, Alex Martini. We would like to say that at least the song, as such, is good, but also not.

Far behind ‘Tell me Bbsita’ have entered the following two songs: on the one hand, ‘you Still with him’ of Arcangel, Sech and Romeo Santos, three artists who do not know how many million times have already worked together, enters at number 44; and on the other, ‘MAMACITA’ of Black Eyed Peas, Ozuna, and J. King Soul (yes, this song exists) makes it at number 58. The reinvention of Latin Black Eyed Peas, probably the worst since the reinvention electronics Black Eyed Peas, has been by all accounts a success commercial, as has been demonstrated by the huge success of ‘RHYTHM’ with J Balvin. I’ll get ‘MAMACITA’ the same impact?

Finally, Manuel Carrasco, author of the exitosísimo ‘cross map’, an album that is still not out of the list of albums two years after its launch, enters the number 59 with ‘Prison of hope’, his new song of solidarity composed during the confinement, and with which the singer seeks to support the food bank; and Dani Martin and Juanes are in the 80’s with their single together, ‘The bones’.