“Terrible.” Shakira does not realize it and you will see this! Caught: “oh my God!”


April 22, 2020
(13:00 CET)

There are certain singers and celebrities, as the years are passing by, accumulating haters behind their backs. Names like Jennifer López, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé or Shakira are a good example of this.

While it is true that, thanks to social media, his fame has been increasing in recent times, also is that the number of critics has also grown. Detractors who know they are in the social networks a fertile field to be able to criticize it without any problems and, above all, to try to let the celebrities on the floor.

In the case of the pair of Gerard Piqueit is perhaps a little more exaggerated than the rest. And it is that, without knowing very well why, it is evident that the Barranquilla has been generated haters leaps and bounds in recent times.

The photo of Shakira

And of course, taking into account that Shakira became famous in his time for his spectacular voice as well as by their figure and their movement of dance on stage, the great majority of criticisms come out there.

Among other things because there are many who, after seeing their latest performances, they ensure that the colombian “no longer is the one that was”. It is evident, and in the last super Bowl demonstrated that Shakira has rope for a while and that continues to be one of the singers most sensuous on the planet. But haters always find a way to criticize it.


Now they have done so with an image of one of the trials of Shakira your last tour. A picture in which, for many, it becomes evident that “Shakira no longer has those hips that I had before.”

Moreover, the vast majority of comments have come in that sense. “And what does the tail of Shakira?”, “My mother, if is flat,” Because it is not was”, “Terrible”, “I don’t understand how they can continue to say that you have a tipazo”, “oh My God!” or “my Mother Shakira coming to less…poor thing no longer has those curves lucia a few years ago” are some of the many views in that regard.