THAT STRONG – Ninel Conde complaint to Giovanni Medina father of her youngest child by not letting it see (+VIDEO)


Ninel Conde accused to justice mexican to his ex-partner Giovanni Medina who forbade visits to be with his son.

The renowned actress and vedette of mexican origin Ninel Conde issued a complaint against Giovanni Medinathe father of your child Emmanuelby not allowing you to see the child for a couple of weeks in the middle of the contingency that lives in the world by the pandemic. Now, the artist has acted legally and has already formalized the complaint in the office of the Prosecutor General of Justice in the City of Mexico.

For an interview with the program Image Entertainment and with various media of communication in the adjacencies of the office of the Prosecutor, the actress confessed to have demanded that Giovanni Medina for the crimes of family violence and gender-based violence.

“He has been dedicated to always putting negative things from your mom, for my son I prefer not to delve into details. If you arrive at these degrees is because I think it is the right of Emmanuel to be with her mother, who is polarizing, and that the same child may not want to return to your house for all that you say, it is also a violence to Emmanuel”, said.

He also added that there will be a test to see if you have COVID-19, only by the whim of his ex-partner, to ensure that it does not present any symptoms of the virus.

“Not by a whim of a liar you want to hurt people. I did studies of blood, I did studies even the flu, I went out my ranges of white blood cells in order, my doctor made me the interpretation that I was completely healthy, I sent them and not even let me have the child in the house”said.

Writing “GossipVzla”.