The 10 films and series from Netflix ms views in Argentina

Tuesday, April 21, 2020


The compulsory isolation led to a considerable increase in the number of users in the platforms of streaming, in the case of netflix in 2020 sum of 15,8 million customers.

Argentina is no exception to the general rule, and also constantly growing number of users and each time there is ms content production local.

Week-to-week trends on the platform can vary and modify the ranking of the series and films ms views.

Currently, the company indicates that the contents of ms seen in our country are:

1 – Focus, masters of the scam: the comedia dramtica to premiere in 2015 and starring Will Smith, Margot Robbie, and Rodrigo Santoro, figure first in the trends of Netflix. Will Smith plays a master of deceit who falls in love with a crook. The film recounts how intertwined the romance and the work of the life of the scammer. One of the reasons that you will be able to attract the american public with the argentine is that a large part of the film was filmed in Buenos Aires.

2 – The judgement: this series of Italian cautiv to argentine users ubicndola in second place. It is a plot of mystery where they try to find out who was the guilty of the murder of a young woman. In eight captulos a prosecutor to prove that the daughter of an important businessman is the culprit of the murder.

3 – the Legacy in the bones: it is a film espaola based on the second novel of the Triloga the Baztn of Sorrows Round. In this thriller, an inspector investigates the suicide of a number of prisoners who leave a single word written on the wall of their cells, “Tarttalo”.

4 – The last dance: the documentary 10 captulos that chronicles the career of Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls in the 1990’s. The series contains images not to broadcast of the season 199798 Chicago Bulls.

5 – The Dragon, the return of a warrior: this criminal drama tells the story of a young japanese who comes from a family of narcotrficos and you have to take care of the business. What is novel is that the protagonist is a specialist in economy that wants to handle the traffic of drugs, without violence and transform it into a legal business.

6 – War in the sawmill: this film, the French action, and suspense tells the story of the owner of a sawmill in the midst of the forest decides to sell it to ensure a better future to her daughter. However she is surprised when he discovers that one of its employees escondi cocana stolen in the place and a poster wants to get it back.

7 – Playing with fire: this reality show shows the life of ten contestants (five women and five men) who are in a resort and think that they are going to spend a holiday full of parties and sex, however an intelligent robot communicates to them that there is a prize of 100,000 dollars but if they kiss or have sexual intercourse to lose the money.

8 – unorthodox: the series told in four captulos how a young girl raised in the bosom of an ultra-orthodox community moves to Berlin, leaving back his life as a religious.

9 – The House of Paper: the series espaola present the fourth season and it was a success for Nerflix. In eight episodes the Professor and his team are back to plan a robbery but this time it is the National Bank of Spain.

10 – Sergio: this drama premiered in January, features the life of the diplomtico brasileo of the United Nations Sergio Vieira de Mello. The film based on actual events tells of the death of the officer after an attack in Iraq, in 2003.

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