The advertising revenues from YouTube are falling: 20% less for many creators


Advertising revenue from YouTube

Photo credit: Austin Dietel

The creators of YouTube are talking about drops, substantial advertising revenue from YouTube this month.

The creator of YouTube, Hank Green, asked the creators to share publicly their CPM to collect more data. The CPM for a channel represents how much you are willing to pay advertisers for every 1,000 visits.

Green says that your CPM average in its network of canals has fallen 28%. Has dropped to an average of only $ 4.75 per 1,000 visits, the lowest since 2013. However, the audience in their channels has increased by 15% since the pandemic of coronavirus.

James Charles, a prominent content creator, makeup, shared that her CPM has dropped 20%. The creator of Minecraft, Jordan Maron, he said that his CPM was down 40% during the same period last year. However, not all of them are bad news. Some content creators responded positively, saying that they saw an increase in their CPM.

The channel of Naturey, Nature League, experienced an increase of 318% in the ad revenue of YouTube in the last six weeks. The time of reproduction of videos in the channel has increased by a huge 400% as teachers share videos.

Despite the good news for some, it seems that the advertising revenues from YouTube are declining in general.

Industry experts warn that the CPM could continue to fall as advertisers suspended or cancelled by complete campaigns. YouTube says that an important part of their advertisers are small companies that have stopped advertising.

With fluctuations as large in the advertising revenues of YouTube, it is not surprising that the creators are exploring new options. Most of the YouTubers with over 1,000 subscribers to set up immediately a Patreon to collect donations. Others explore marketing opportunities as shirts and deals of brand-name products.

The revenue from YouTube Premium for creators seem to be on the rise, despite the decline in advertising revenues. Green reports that their Premium subscribers generate 13% of the revenue from your channel. That’s 2% more than the previous month. A survey of more than 30 creators revealed decreasing rates of 15% to 40% less than in the last few months. That is not a good omen for the new creators who are looking for ways to earn money online.