The best mobile games to take care of the environment


Taking care of the environment that surrounds us is a thing of all, if we are to slow or at least not further accelerate climate change. How do you recycle? What measures can be taken to pollute less? How to reduce the energy consumption?

To answer these questions the developers have created mobile apps in the form of games that help to visualize the dimension that you can achieve the problem and that we know what we can do to take care of the environment.

It is true that some of these titles are aimed at children, who perhaps are more concerned than their parents thanks to the impact it is having on them the figure of the little Greta Thunberg. However, there are also applications of cut a little more adult.

Video games undoubtedly are a good channel to spread the message of sustainable between the centennials and millennials. These are some of the best mobile games that will awaken their ecological consciousness:

Animal Fury Destination:

The argument of this mobile game created by the studio colombian Ignition Games is based in an imaginary world in which the protagonists are four animals that must protect the sacred water of a forest of a wicked crow. However, this hides a clear message of criticism against pollution and waste.

In each stage of the game the characters run through environments filled with various contaminantsas the ubiquitous plastic, radioactivity, electronic waste or gases. What is a picture of how it is or can be the planet in the future?

In addition to his argument ecologist, the game has a real goal of protecting our ‘lung’. For each download that is done your users, your developer donates the equivalent of 1 dollar to the NGO Save the Amazon, that works to reforest the amazon jungle of colombia. This real forest is planted by indigenous communities in the area.

Idle World:

When we speak of the ‘planet’ it seems that we are referring to an abstract entity that is managed or self – repairs only. We do not know how it works and what it takes to ensure that everything is in order in our world. Thanks to this game you will know what is required to keep it in balance.

You’re going to build the Land from scratch. You’ll have to equip it with first water and earth and later of micro-organisms, plants, humans, etc, In Idle World, in addition to the creation of all you should ensure the preservation and protection of the planet. You have to include mountains, the atmosphere, etc, the more improvements you make in your world more energy you’ll get.

Climate Quest:

In this game of aesthetic pixelated you need to help protect US from climate disasters that supposedly could occur in north America during the next twenty years. You’ll face hurricanes, acidification of the oceans, etc, The goal is to educate them on how how climate change may impact on every city and town. Each event that appears in the game has been researched by climate scientists and is characterized by its scientific accuracy.

The title has been created by the team EarthGames of the University of Washington, a group that creates video game-themed ecologists. As shown, you only need 10 minutes to have. You can download Climate Quest for iOS and Android free of charge.

Deal: A Green New Election:

EarthGames has also developed this game for mobile devices with a focus on ‘green’. To Green New Election must take decisions through a series of cards that are going to appear and that deslizarás to the right or left.

The argument is the following: you Are a politician who is in full election campaign and that does not have a lot of margin of victory, according to surveys. During 15 weeks, in the final stretch of the campaign, you have to defend a proposal is environmental, but you will receive all kinds of pressures. Can you defend the construction of a clean energy and infrastructure resilient without losing votes?

The situations that arise in A Green New Election are based on survey data and real research on communication climate.

Defender of nature:

In this game green the smaller ones will learn what is the environmental protection, the environmental problems that there are and the ways to protect the planet. In addition, you will understand why it is necessary to take care of nature, and how to do it.

What can children do? There are different mini games that represent different actions, such as picking up trash in a park, to create a system of pipelines to move the gas, put each type of waste in its corresponding container, releasing marine animals, plastics, etc