The double of Jennifer Lopez: a bodybuilder from Texas

@jayfromhouston / Instagram

The other day we were doing scroll by the feed from our Instagram when we called attention to a photo that appeared Jennifer Lopez, posing in front of the mirror in your bathroom, with workout clothes and wearing a muscle from another planet. And yes, we knew that the lead singer has a body muscled thanks to the plan of training who has been following… but, how much? How was it possible that he had developed an arm so strong in record time? Well, basically because the photo was not J. Lobut Janice Garay, most known social networks such as ‘Jay from Houston’, (a nickname inspired by ‘Jenny from the Block’?), a bodybuilder of Texas whose resemblance to the artist is amazing.

That’s why we had to come back to have a look at the photo to verify that you are not the same person. It turns out that Jay became viral in 2017, when one of his pictures appeared randomly on the magnifying glass to “explore” on Instagram. “My pictures were normal, selfies that I had done in the bathroom, but the people thought that I was Jennifer Lopez“explained at the time the doppelganger of the singer. “I wondered: ‘are you J. Lo?’ No! I’m Jay from Houston!”. However, their publications have called so much attention at this time, that your profile now has more than 200,000 followers.

Although the resemblance in the face is quite striking, physically we found differences. Because even though J. Lo we have been surprised with photos in a bikini sporting a body 100% toned, the Jay is much more muscular due to their profession, as it frequently participates in the championships of bodybuilding and ‘bodybuilding’.

Jay was born in Texas, but moved to Houston when I was six years old. There he trains almost every day, as we see in his profile of Instagram, and has a daughter with which to share his passion for the sport. “As a mother, I think that it is important to talk with your children about the exercise because it is a habit you want to form,” he wrote in one of his publications.

We leave you here a few more photos of Jay to check his curious alike:

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