The fight of the century! Reveal image of Wonder Woman fighting with Captain Marvel

This is the time of fights of truth, where there is no fear and give everything you have. These two powerful women are the most amazing in their universes, the DCEU, and the MCU would be incomplete without them. They are so strong that it is difficult to think who can win, but to get an idea here’s a picture of Wonder Woman fighting with Captain Marvel, because yes, you need to.

While one is the daughter of Zeus, the other got his powers thanks to the Tesseract, one of the famous gems of the infinite that helped Thanos to wipe out half the life in the universe. The goddess of the amazon Diana is played by Gal Gadot, who is about to give us his sequel, the date of which was recently amended. On the other hand we have Carol Danvers, who was played by Brie Larson, the great hated of the MCU, your character will also have a sequel in solitary for 2022.

Both deliveries had to change a release date recently, this is due to the coronavirus, pandemic has done the unthinkable, do the productions for cinema and television to be paused until further notice, it is not known when it might end. It all started with ‘Black Widow’, which would the may 1 opening phase 4, but Marvel Studios decided to move it to the 6 of November.

But returning to the news more friendly that make us forget, albeit momentarily all of these problems that we are experiencing as a society… let’s fight! The famed illustrator Bosslogic you are mixing universes and imagine two great fighters in the same place, Wonder Woman fighting with Captain Marvel is her newest creation, tell us who do you think would win and whybegin the betting.

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