The new “Perry Mason” premiered its first preview and will arrive in June on HBO

Los Angeles (USA).- HBO announced Thursday that it will premiere the new version of “Perry Mason” the 21 of June and has published the first preview of the fiction that will retrieve the famous lawyer of the small screen in a plot set in Los Angeles during 1931, with the US immersed in the Great Depression.

The series dives into the origins of the career of the attorney who performed Raymond Burr during the fifties and sixties of the last century, and according to reveals the video posted by HBO will be full of investigations, crimes, and turns… to the rhythm of jazz.

“I don’t like this place. Everyone aims to something, hides something. All have an angle. And all are guilty”, says the voice of Matthew Rhys, embodying Perry in the new version.

The description of HBO on the series indicates that it will treat the historical milestones of the era, from the economic crisis after the crash of 1929 until the invention of sound cinema,

“It is 1931, in Los Angeles. While the rest of the country fight for the Great Depression… This city is booming! Oil! I olympic games! O sound movies! ¡Evangelical Fervor! And a kidnapping that went very, very wrong”, he anticipates.

“Based on the characters created by the author Erle Stanley Gardner, this dramatic series follows the origins of the criminal defense attorney most legendary of the american fictional Perry Mason. When the case of the decade knocking on your door, the relentless quest for the truth reveals a city fractured and, perhaps, a path to redemption for himself”, complete HBO.

In principle, this project was going to have with Nic Pizzolatto as a screenwriter, and Robert Downey Jr. as the main character.

However, Pizzolatto is focused on “True Detective”, while the agenda of Downey Jr., marked by its commitments as Iron-Man to the Marvel movies, not left him hollow to ride, “Perry Mason”, but if you have been involved as an executive producer. EFE


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