The original movies from Netflix with the best reviews (including Rome)


Everyone has a series of Netflix, which devoured from start to finish in a single weekend, and that has obsessed even after you have finished, and that’s understandable, Netflix it has some of the best series that have occurred in the last few years and each year they release new ones with the promise of becoming the most successful, but, amongst all such series of also there are great original films that not only surprised the critics, also fans.

Netflix was one of the first streaming platform in bringing one of their films to festivals and Oscar. With Romewere carried nominations in the most important categories (bothers you who bothers you), but that is not the only one in the catalog that was the best reviews and ratings.

Each year, the platform Netflix premiered thousands of films and tv shows, but with so much on offer, sometimes some of the larger projects are lost in the list, and, if Netflix don’t recommend it, you probably don’t even remember its existence, and, without knowing it, you see something very good.

This black and white film is, for Alfonso Cuaron, his love letter to colonia Roma and to your childhood in Mexico.

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This black and white film is, for Alfonso Cuaron, his love letter to colonia Roma and to your childhood in Mexico.

Most of users come to Netflix looking for a good series to do a marathon, run through the categories looking for something I have not seen or that they all recommend, and they forget that this is also like a billboard of cinema, the difference is that you don’t have to pay for a ticket and the movies are not going to disappear after a few weeks (some of the series and movies from Netflix back then).

The next time you don’t need to see you can get to see one of those movies that have the best reviews and the best ratings in Rotten Tomatoes.

Dolemite is My Name

The movie of Eddie Murphy tells the true story of Rudy Ray Moore, a comedian and rapper who marked the culture of the 70’s with its irreverent style and offensive. Murphy even became a possible candidate for an Oscar for her role.

Marriage Story

Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver star in this drama about a family about to be destroyed by a complicated divorce that affects them, their child and everyone around her. Johansson joined the list of nominated twice in the same year for her amazing work.

The Babysitting

This is a mix between comedy and horror film, and although it is not going to win a prize, it is quite fun. This is the story of a boy who discovers that his babysitter want to use it for a satanic ritual and should be concealed from her until her parents return.

Beasts of No Nation

Based on the novel of the same name, the film portrays the hard life of the children abducted to become soldiers in Africa, through the experiences of Agu, a child who wants to escape from that world.

Geralds Game

The film based on Stephen King’s book focuses on a woman who is trapped in his own bed after a sex game that goes wrong, when the hallucinations begin, she discovers that you can’t trust anything or anyone and that, if you want to survive, you must reach the limit.


This was one of the nominees to the Oscar and develops in Mississippi ruralaccording to two veterans of the Second World War, one african american and one white, who have very different experiences after they return to their houses, offering a realistic portrait of a period complicated in american history.


Alfonso Cuaron took home the Oscar as best director for this film black-and-white that is his love letter to colonia Roma and to your childhood in Mexico. Rome tells the story of a normal family and the thousands of women who, in the anonymity, is in charge of keeping the mexican families afloat.


Produced by the company of Brad Pitt, Okja social criticism of consumerism and the climate crisis, told through the story of a girl who must fight against the world to protect her best friend, a “super-pig” is going to be sacrificed by a corporation that is looking for a way to be more efficient, and more inhuman, to feed the humanity.

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

This movie western from the Coen brothers was also nominated for an Oscar, and is composed of 6 different stories that happen in the american frontier. Originally sold as a miniseries, but the Coens confirmed that they created it as a film full of black humor.

Private Life

Films about nothing, or about everyday life, seem to be the favorite today. Private Life, which portrays a problem that many people share, follows the attempts of a couple desperate to conceive a child, which leads them to get closer to one of their family members to be able to do so.

Happy as Lazzaro

Netflix has a good selection of foreign films and this is one of them. Directed by Alice Rohrwacher tells the story of an Italian family who is humble and is exploited by the entrepreneurs of tobacco that are owned by all the people.

The Meyerowitz Stories

Adam Sandler and Ben Stiller star in this family drama about three brothers who return to his childhood home after years of separation, which, obviously, makes their old problems re-emerge and test their relationship.

High Flying Bird

Steven Soderberg directed this film about a sports agent with a new business idea that has the potential to change your life and industry forever.

The Other Side of the Wind

Yes, this is the new film from Orson Welles and was a legend among film buffs for many years. Netflix presents the most complete version of a story that was thought lost and that Welles was never able to finish.

Imperial Dreams

This film shows the reality of mass incarceration of african american youth from a ll point of view of a father of a family who, upon release, tries to give a better life to his son, while it tries to adapt to life in the outside world and to a judicial system that is broken.


This thriller tells the story of a cam-girl who makes her life fulfilling the desires of its customers from a computer, but gets into trouble when a hacker steals your account and starts to pretend to be her in the pataforma.

First they Killed my Father

Directed by Angelina Jolie, this movie inspired by a true story, portrays the horrors of War in Cambodia, narrated by a girl that lived in the flesh and watched as the soldiers destroyed everything that I knew.