The Pampa: between the word of Basterra and online by the coronavirus

Basterra, by videoconference Credit: Twitter Coninagro

In a virtual way, the minister of Agriculture of the Nation, Luis Basterra, participated this week in a meeting with members of the Agriculture Commission of the lower Chamber. Although with some technical difficulties, since the Internet connection the minister was at times difficult and the deputies did know, responded to dozens of questions surrounded by officials of his portfolio. In this framework, for example, denied an increase of the withholdings weeks of the beginning of the sowing of wheat. In addition, he made a recognition to the rural workers and producers who continue with their activities in the pandemic

In times of coronavirus and with limited activities or many of them that they had to reschedule, in the Argentine Association for Maize and Sorghum Argentina (Maizar) decided to bring forward its annual congress in a way 100% online. According to Maizar in a statement, congress will be under that mode next June 30. “Are we prepared?”, is the slogan that will have the Congress Maizar 4.0. On the other hand, following the alternative site, the Cooperativa Guillermo Lehmann will be on the 30th of the current of the “1° auction online finance for dairy, with 430 copies Dutch and Jersey”.

Waiting for credits

After that the factories of agricultural machinery could resume their activities by the disposal of the Government, in the sector await the release of credits that the banks had been providing to the producers in Expoagro to the purchase of equipment, according to Nestor Cestari, president of Cafma.


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