The Princess Sofa of Sweden, sacrifices his life to save the people Lives the drama in the flesh!


The Princess Sofa in Sweden has surprised the world with their ms recent actions, when you show your side ms human and put himself at the service of the most needy in the midst of the pandemic.

Like that several personalities that make life on different sectors, the Royal wanted to join the fight against the Covid-19 contributing his granite of sand with an initiative that has left without speaking to the whole world.

And is that despite having the possibility of making a donation, economic as the majority of the people well-to-do, the wife of the Duke of Vrmland wanted to go a little beyond and live in meat own to face the so-called hroes annimos.

It turns out that the wife of 35 years, it arm of value and decided to join as a volunteer in the hospital Sophiahemmet in Stockholm, helping doctors and nurses to give the battle to the dreaded disease.

According to information disseminated by People magazine, the Princess submitted a day prior of intensive studies, to complete an online program that I allowed to prepare for the difficult task.

Margareta Thorgren, a spokeswoman for the Royal House declar: As president of honor of the hospital, Sofa you would like to contribute your help to the crisis in Sweden.

On your first day of work, the daughter of Erik Hellqvist he was photographed next to two health care professionals in an image that has gone around the world, adorned with the typical blue uniform.