The saga “The hunger games” will have a prequel


The hunger gamesone of the most successful film series of recent years and that boosted the career of Jennifer Lawrence as a world star, will have a new story to tell. This time there will be continuation but a prequel, that is to say, a plot that happens before the episodes they already saw.

According to what was published The Hollywood Reporterthe studio Lionsgate began to work on the adaptation of The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakethe new book that the author Suzanne Collins plans to publish the 19 of may. Francis Lawrence, who directed three of the four films that up to now, will be in charge of carrying forward the new, along with producer Nina Jacobson and screenwriter Michael Arndt.

“The wait for the new book of Suzanne’s worth. It offers everything that fans could expect of The hunger games. In addition, opens new paths and presents an overview of characters completely new,” said the president of Lionsgate, Joe Drake.

With respect to the casting, there is still no confirmation of the deal. Just know that the story will be focused on the youth of the villainous Coriolanus Snow, in the first part was played, as an adult, by Donald Sutherland.

The hunger games set in a dystopian future in what was once the united States. The totalitarian rule of president Snow divided the territory into twelve districts and once a year, choose a couple of young people for each sector to compete for their lives in a contest for television. It is in this context where is born the figure of Katniss Everdeen, the warrior revolutionary who plays Jennifer Lawrence.

The saga was not only a resounding success at the box office, with earnings of over $ 3 billion accumulated by the four parties that had. Also initiated a series of franchisesother studies, with similar arguments as Divergent or Maze Runner, that also was very good.