The story of Ricardo Darin with a famous movie director involving Brad Pitt


Ricardo Darín are encouraged to participate in a live broadcast hosted by a web site,, to raise money for the Red Cross in Argentina.

The actor recalled a particular anecdote which he had to live at the Cannes film Festival and which took nothing less than the participation of Brad Pitt.

Ricardo he said that in full red carpet at the leading festival was met with Oliver Stone, director of films such as Platoon, JFK, natural Killers, Snowden and Wall Street.

Came and had a fart to 14, I noticed a little familiar” said the actor about the meeting and added that he hung from the shoulder which stick to not to lose balance.

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Ricardo he added that next to Florence Bas, his wife, could not hold the laughter for the moment as out of the ordinary until you came Brad Pitt. The blond caught all the glances and allowed Darin get away from Stone.

After the tsunami of Brad Pitt and what was I, to appear again on the scene Oliver Stone, but already a little more in fart yet. And already means that it seems to me that I wanted to bolt. Yes, because even became more horny” revealed about the conversation that he had in front of the director.

My son (The Chinese) there, looking at me, and tells me that this will come to the ears of Oliver. Fortunately ‘bolt’ does not have a lot of possible translation in other languages. Just for a laugh for a while… Well, I, at that height I was also in fart and I started to say ‘look’… We started dating” told with a lot of thanks.

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