the top looks to be home of the stars


The concert One World has raised nearly 120 million euros to the WHO, a show that is unprecedented in the artists from around the world have sung from their homes in order to thank the health personnel in your work. Singers such as Lady Gaga, Pink and Jennifer Lopez we have allowed the world to venture into their homes for a few minutes, making sure this time to choose the corners less ostentatious of their mansions.

To the understandable anger that the ostentatious life of the famous is unleashed during the quarantinewhen people begin to be fed up of seeing celebrities complain about not being able to leave the house when they have huge gardens and private pools while the great majority are found in houses of small dimensions, the celebs have been commissioned to record their concerts in places that are much more collected that do not harm the sensitivity of anyone.

Although we are getting used to seeing the celebrities, much less made up that usually and sheathed in looks much more casual than they look both in the red carpet as in the photographs taken by the paparazzi at the exit of their mansions, to offer these exclusive concerts have chosen outfits discrete, however, are backed by the big names of the fashion or succulent advertising commitments.

Instagram of JLo.
Instagram of JLo.

This has been the case of Jennifer Lopezthat already told us before the concert by a still life makeshift that I was going to bring a sweatshirt Coach with the famous portrait photographer Richard Bernstein took in 1969 of the iconic Barbra Streisand printed and inseparable glass embellished of TaylorMade Bling. Although the singer is not tagged to the brands relevant, we should not forget that JLo is the image of a Coach.

For its part, Lady Gaga, the architect of the evening, opted for a black dress from the signature PRISCAVera.

Céline Dion opted for a blazer, silk Giorgio Armani, a look that if it is true it might seem too prepared taking into account that is in your house, if we consider the fact that half the world is watching his actions and that the singer has become an icon of style, your choice is not so excessive, isn’t it?

Far more discreet was the look of Billie Eilish, opted for a tracksuit of the signature Soto, one of his favorite in the field of sportswear.