The video of Dani Martin dancing like Britney Spears that cause the rage in the networks

It is true that TikTok was before they forced us to confinarnos, but what is certain is that, boredom is such in so many moments spent at home, that the ‘app’ has experienced an explosive growth during these weeks. The last famous in surrender before she has been Dani Martin.

And the singer has caused real furor with his video debut, because they have dared, no less, that show has a dance parody imitating one of the great divas of world pop: Britney Spears. If what was intended was to make us spend a minute of laughter, you have passed the test. With note.

“And the 40 days was made TIKTOKER #millennial #imbecil I have to make a cake or cookies”, you can read the side of the clip shows this masterful performance that highlights perfectly the spirit of this ‘app’.

Eye, that it runs the risk of suffering an addiction, because do not took a long time to upload a second video. This time, with the legendary ‘Wannabe’ that set up the ‘Spice Girls’ in the decade of the 90’s.

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