The video of Lizzo dancing which already exceeds four million views in a day

“I love to see the shapes generated by my body when I move”. So there was a few months ago, singer Lizzo of the criticisms he received on social networks by posting a series of videos in which he appeared in underwearthat left very little to the imagination, while he danced so sensual.

The young rapper has become an example of perseverance with the messages ‘body positive’ which he transmits to his followers. She is proud of your body with its curves, bulky and imperfections as cellulite, which displays in a continuous manner through videos and images on Instagram.

Yesterday I published a new video challenging the the traditional canon of beauty in 24 hours has achieved more than four million of visualizations. “It has been a long day. Focus on a body part that you don’t like it, and give it some love today. This quarantine has a lot of people suffering from mental problems because we can’t go out and do our normal routines of personal care,” wrote the artist of 31 years.

In the image, Lizzo looks a body of lace and moves in a manner suggestive while proudly showing your body. However, this video has become to generate division of opinions. While some of his followers praise this love for his body, others have argued that it could begin to do sports to take care of yourself, because you believe that what it shows “it is not healthy”.

Also several have asked that stop posting this type of videos that appears, half naked because it was considered of “bad taste”. In fact, some weeks ago the platform TikTok
removed one of the publications of the rapper appearing in a bikini because they had detected behaviors “sexual gratification”.

A few weeks ago TikTok removed one of the videos from Lizzo on which he appeared, half naked dancing in a manner suggestive

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