These are the first original that will arrive to HBO’s Max


Finally, we know that WarnerMedia will launch its long-awaited service for streaming HBO Max on the 27th of may, and along with the announcement of the release date they have also released the first original that will be available in the platform just this it debuts.

Up to now it is unknown if the days of quarantine will be extended as much as for that at the end of may we are still in our homes, but it is an option quite likely. The arrival of HBO Max during these days of social distancing and cinemas closed is more than right.

Dare to know the complete list of the so-called Max Originals that you’ll be able to enjoy from the 27th of may, if you subscribe to the service.

‘Love Life’

Starring nominated for an Oscar and acknowledged ‘Troll’ Anna Kendrick, ‘Love Life’ is the first full series with script service HBO Max and focuses on the journey one lives from the first to the last love.

The plot will seek to entice us while she tells us how the people we decide to stroll along our journey come to us to become who we are.

‘On The Record’

For lovers of music, ‘On The Record’ will present to us the history of executive musical Drew Dixon while struggling with the decision to become, or not, in the first woman of color to accuse the mogul of the hip-hop Russel Simmons of sexual assault, as part of the movement #MeToo.

The docuserie not only will tell the story of Dixon but also enable us to know some progress in the cases of other accusers as Sil Lai Abrams and Sheri Sher.


HBO Max is also ready for brand new proposals within the segment “program competencies”, in this case the title of the series is ‘Legendary’. In it we will learn of the underground communities which participate in competitions of dances, better known as “houses”.

Who saw ‘Pose’ will have an idea of where you’re going shots these teams of vogueo, which can not only dance stunningly, but have a sense of the awesome fashion. All to achieve the status of “legendary”.


For fans of the trend “do it yourself”, HBO’s Max brings a proposal that will mix the best of both worlds: DIY and YouTube. Led and produced by the YouTuber better known as LaurDIY, ‘Craftopia’ face to different contestants to be between 9 to 15 years should be put to the test their imagination and their skills in the craft.

‘Looney Tunes Cartoons’

Yes, as well as “what you hear”. HBO Max will bring a new proposal of the classic Warner Bros. Animation for the new generations know more about the iconic shorts of Looney Tunes. The new series will feature a total of 80 episodes of 11 minutes each.

‘The Not Too Late Show With Elmo’

More content for children: ‘The Not Too Late Show With Elmo’ will premiere may 27 on HBO Max, where Elmo –one of the favorite Sesame Street– will be the driver of your own talk show; almost like a Jimmy Fallon or an Ellen DeGeneres but for children.

The program will feature guests such as other Sesame Street characters –including the Cookie Monster– and some celebrity guests that will ensure laughs for the little ones of the house.