This is the method varied and fun that follows Selena Gomez to train according to your emotional state


Selena Gomez has not had an easy life. Despite his success as a girl Disney and singer, health problems have been pursued up having to get a kidney transplant for lupus you have. However, she always looks impeccable on the red carpet, and her spectacular figure even has led her to be the image of Puma. It should be a style of healthy life and to Amy Rosoff, your personal trainer.

In an interview with Women’s Health have counted as, unlike other artists such as Madonna or Jennifer Aniston, who train six days a week for more than an hour, Selena does not follow a training very strong or obsessive, but routines do things that are fun and not especially lengthy or intense.

For this practice much pilates with exercises that do not require material and that can be done in any place. With this discipline get the artist his flat belly. Above all, thanks to exercises plates in all its modalities: lateral plates, plate by tapping the opposite shoulder with your hands, plank with leg elevation back… and isometric exercises, consisting in the subjection of the muscle tension without movement and that they are ideal for toning the obliques.

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Although the key to Selena (and her own), she doesn’t get bored and will be more easy for us to skip your appointment with the gym, confesses the expert who is not to do the same thing all the time. Continuously change of routine and activity, so that the physical exercise is stimulating. In this way, your workouts are very eclectic and, along with the exercises mentioned above, also practice yoga and kickboxing on alternate days.

In the case of yoga, combined with the Ashtangaa mode more difficult that requires greater concentration your physical demand but that is also the favorite of Miley Cyrus.

All depends a bit of the emotional state of Gomez. If the singer and actress feels without energy, then opt for the yoga but if it is active, it is a day to give the cardio.

And, the cardio also has an important hole in your routine, at least three times a week. Either with several minutes of jumping rope, a brisk walk or climbing stairs. While the exercises to toning and developing the muscles, according to Rosoff, the cardio is good for endurance and to burn fat.

Sunshine smile Jump Rope, Adjustable Jump Rope, Boxing and Foam Handle, Jump Rope for Boxing, Jump Rope Speed Rope (Purple)

Sunshine smile Jump Rope, Adjustable Jump Rope, Boxing and Foam Handle, Jump Rope for Boxing, Jump Rope Speed Rope (Purple)

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