TO LAUGH – Bobby Larios mocks and mimics your ex-girlfriend Niurka Marcos (+VIDEO)


Bobby Larios is personifico in the role of Niurka Marcos and according to netizens, he performed it to perfection,

The famous former spouse made by the cuban Niurka Marcos and Bobby Larios have been one of the most controversial in the middle of the show, now he actor was surprised in social networks with an unusual video in which he imitates the former, which is somewhat curious as the old bride and groom did not have a good relationship of friendship in the present.

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Through his account of IG, Bobby Larios decided to shared a clip of TikTok in which I imitate to perfection the style of the actress, he even put aluminum foil on the fingers to simulate the long nails of his ex-wife.

Before the interpretation of the dancer are hundreds of fans enjoyed themselves and ensure that possibly Niurka arrives to seek revenge, as it is very likely that lash out against him for such a mockery.

Writing “GossipVzla”.