TODAY / “The Sun of Mexico”, 50 years shining despite highs and lows in his career

Far away from his girlfriend, Mollie Gould, and his family, Luis Miguel will hit the half-century-old alone, according to noted local media, because you’re passing the quarantine on his yacht, anchored in Miami.

Pandemic coronavirus is affecting the whole world and Luis Miguel, in spite of being a figure adored by many, is not saved.

“Apparently, it is well… like we all do, confined by this situation, but physically well. I see well, I wish you, and all that it has to come from now with half a century of age it is good,” said to Efe Javier León, author of the book “Luis Mi Rey”, on which it relied, with the permission of the singer, “Luis Miguel: The Series”.

From 2018, Luis Miguel had a resurgence in his musical career thanks to the production about his life, starring an accomplished Diego Boneta, which was a great success, and revived his greatest hits as “When it heats up the sun” or “Guilty” or “no”, whose context is known for the first time in the series.

In addition, in 2017, when it was announced that his series of biographical it was about to premiere via Netflix in 2018, the artist released his first album in 7 years “¡Mexico forever!”, that came off a world tour of almost two years with which he returned to have contact with the people.

At that time his followers could always go back to see him on stage and, in addition, he gained many young fans who saw their series and fell in love with its history and, later, of his voice.

Despite the problems that occurred during your tour, as an aggression to a sound guy, some concerts without all the seats filled and complaints from attendees about the energy and the voice of the singer, Luis Miguel toured with success dozens of countries.

The November 19, 2018, offered a concert in the National Auditorium of Mexico City, where part of the public complained about his strange way of acting and his flight from the stage to half of some topics.

So what Is taking Luis Miguel the success that came back to life with the series and the disc?

“At the moment obviously already took advantage in the short term in the 2018 with this rescue plan that went hand in hand with the series. Was that he knew how to take advantage of the opportunity but it has to have a continuity, I think you have to wait a little to see it”, Leon said.

In addition, he considered that the artist is living the same situation of uncertainty that many people by the pandemic, and said he was unaware if the plans of taking out a disk of the tour is still underway.


Regardless of the success and of the problems of the last years of Luis Miguel, the sales figures of their records and everything connected with him, confirm that he has a special talent.

“You have an awesome talent, a wonderful voice and a goblin that have very few people. Very few artists are touched by a kind of magic wand. Has this luck and privilege to have been endowed with that talent, it is no coincidence that will keep for so many years,” said the writer.

At the end of the day, Luis Miguel is 50 years of life, and with nearly 40 musical career -38 from their first cd, still getting to stay in the mouth of all, and be followed by people all over the planet, in spite of the high and low.

“I believe that his name will always be written with golden letters in the ladder history of music in Spanish and therefore I think that your contribution, more still left, it is to applaud and it is totally legendary,” he said.

The singer, born in 1970 in San Juan, Puerto Rico, is located at a crucial time to reach their 50’s, age that neither of his parents reached.

His father was the Spanish singer, Luisito Rey, who died in 1992, and her mother was the Italian Marcela Basteri, who disappeared in 1986, an event that marked the artist’s life.

Being very small, after a tv appearance, accompanied to the guitar by his father, Luis Miguel acted with great success at the wedding of the daughter of the mexican president José López Portillo, in 1981, when I was 11 years old, which helped her get her first recording contract with the company EMI.

In 1982, at the age of 12, he debuted with the album “A sun”, and that same year he released “straight to the heart”. In 1983 released his third album, “in the Mood”, although the ultimate success came with “Word of honor”, which includes the ballad that gives its title to the album, an album that a year later would launch into a version in Italian.

Throughout his career he has recorded 29 albums, and has done it with more than 120 awards.

Undoubtedly, Luis Miguel is an icon of the music in Spanish, both for his vocal quality, as for what little I would like to share his private life and how much he is interested, has managed to take the eye of millions of people who will support you until the last day.

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