Tom Hardy suggests a confrontation with Spider-Man


Recently it was officially announced that the sequel to Venom will be by name, Let There Be Carnage, and that its premiere was moved to the following year, and now we have more.

Tom Hardy tends to give hints of curious shape as it publishes in its Instagram pictures with a teaser and shortly after the deletes, and the most recent was a few hours ago when he shared an image of Venom eating Spider-Man, literally. You can see the annotated image suggests the crossover below:

In this way, it is speculated that the publication removed Hardy could indicate that we will see a confrontation between Venom and Spidey, although it has not been given to know if it is possible that in the new movie we see the appearance of Tom Holland / Peter Parker.

In addition to this, we have that the same Tom Hardy put on Instagram a short teaser of Venom: Let There Be Carnage that shows us how will be the official logo of the tape.

Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage is released in cinemas on the 25th of June 2021.

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