Top 6 of the mists the face to take care of your skin


The hydration is one of the main needs of the skin both on the face as in the rest of the body, therefore, it is advisable to use products that help you increase it. Show you the best mist facial, all of them fantastic to take care of your skin and give it a supple, soft and luminous.

The mists facials are a product especially indicated to provide hydration and freshness, role of immediate way to apply them.

The best mist facial in 2020

  1. Hydragenist, from Lierac: thanks to its effect filler and oxygenating you will get a skin hydrated, luminous and revitalized. Has a perfume of rose and jasmine charming.
  2. The Mist from La Mer: has a calming and revitalizing that you will come very well to the skin to cool off on a daily basis. Maximum hydration for the skin that you can use when you notice that your skin needs an extra energy.
  3. Water Moisturizing, of Jowaé: is sweeping in sales thanks to a formula that your 97% is made up of ingredients of natural origin, a combination that revitalizes, hydrates and refreshes the skin instantly.
  4. Spray Molecular, of Collistar: its formula contains hyaluronic acid, among others, which help to reduce wrinkles or expression lines. Also combat with effectiveness the bags and dark circles. Always spray with your eyes closed.
  5. Eau Cellulaire, Institut Esthederm: not only hydrates the skin but enhances the effects of the creams or sérums that you apply after it. Its formula increases the energy of every cell of the skin at a 60%, being ideal if you notice that your skin is tired or off.
  6. What it dew?!, of Fenty Beauty: this firm, founded by singer Rihanna, is one of the specialized in cosmetics that has grown the most in recent years. In this case, its fantastic mist is a spray with which you can set the makeup with glitter as hydrate the skin at any time.