Total success in the charity concert organized by Lady Gaga with tens of artists


For seven hours, the world could whole was able to witness some of the best performances of the history. And not only for the artists mentioned, in addition, because all of them performed at the event One World: Together At Home, from the privacy of their homes, where they also remain isolated.

The crisis caused by the coronavirus, has been such that dozens of celebrities have wanted to contribute their grain of sand to fight against its effects, and in addition, show your support to the work of the medical services. Led by the very Lady Gagaartists of the stature of Jennifer Lopez, Celine Dion, The Rolling Stones, John Legend or Annie Lennox, they performed for hours at a macro-concert broadcast on major platforms of streaming all over the world, where we could also see actors, athletes and well-known faces from the world of entertainment. The result? Apparently, they raised For $ 128 million. If you want to go back to be a witness of this musical adventure in art, you can do it by clicking here.