Trends to wear straight jeans in 2020


The straight jeans, better known as straight jeans, they are one of the garments that you slowly want to meddle in our way of life. Sophisticated, versatile and easily combinable with the shoes you already have in your closet, this silhouette is not distance deeply of the skinnyas that continues to be narrow and is defined by having the high kick, but as your word says, it presents a cut in extremely straight ahead that extends from the hip to the ankles. In this way, not being so tight, it becomes a healthier alternative for the body as it allows the skin to breathe.

To refer to the historical data is not a novelty to mention that the jeans have been created for over two hundred years under a concept of utilitarian and that the rise of this garment, saw the light in 1930, in those renowned Hollywood movies associated with the world cowboy. For the decade of the fifties the jeans had reached its glory in the hand of actors such as Marlon Brando and James Dean, who undertook to popularize the figure of this piece as such. Although it was not until 1952 when the famous figure Marilyn Monroe used a model in the film ‘River of No Return’, and became a garment for women.

Hailey Baldwin is one of the celebrities who usually wear straight jeans.

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At the beginning of the decade of the seventies was the model boot-cutsbut the jeans started to be much more tight in the waist, and so it was that at the end of this time the pants are characterized by sticking to the body, with a straight leg cut and not as wide as in the previous years. The straight jeans had a prominence undisputed in 1977, the point at which the perpendicular style was a bombastic moment punk, accompanied by the creations of Levi’s and in particular the model 501 in the scene of international music.

At present, the straight jeans also have conquered celebrities as Hailey Baldwin, Bella Hadid or Selena Gomezwho often swing by this style of pant, whether pairing it with a sweater in the case of Baldwin, choosing a piece with a washed effect to play with sneakers and a t-shirt black outfit aesthetics casual to what Bella Hadid or high waist, with a leather jacket and black botinetas of heel needle to define the style of the renowned singer Selena Gomez.

What color are the straight jeans in 2020?

The straight jeans are a trend on the catwalk the spring/summer 2020 of Celine.

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If something has proven to the collection spring/summer 2020 of the prestigious international firm, headed by Hedi Slimane, Celine, is that the straight jeans will reign in the 2020. Staining the looks with a shade of medium blue or in certain cases something more dark and a light wash on the thighs. The styles introduced by the French designer to work perfectly in all type of occasions, whether it be casual, informal or even in order to look elegant in the office. Celine gives us the standing to submit another color infallible of the year: pants straight white. A nuance that not only has it been ruled out for the months of the summer season, but also for the winter, Balmain, Isabel Marant, The Roy and street style the whole world supports it.

What other colors will be trend during the year? Celeste ultralight according to Ryan Roche; Bora Aksu presented it in a look monochrome sky clear, a little more intense in firms such as Kimhekin and Paul & Joe. For its part, Gauchere pointed to the combination black + jean a celestial classicwhile GMBH opted for a blue that goes from the middle to the dark. Of course it is not necessary to add that the brand Levi’s has launched in all these shades and many more.

What material are the straight jeans in trend in 2020?

Versace spring/summer Collection 2020

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The straight jeans will be a trend in 2020 they are made from materials such as cotton, lycra and a minimum component of stretch denim, which gives them elasticity and the fit perfect for all body types. In addition to being a material which, with the passage of months is going to shape the figure. Levi’s is one of the brands that has opted for this combination of materials to turn them into a garment ultra comfortable.

What detail wear dresses midi on-trend in 2020?

The jeans are straight back to acquire breaks according to Givenchy.

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Although Brandon Maxwell is one of the designers that have bet by the silhouette skinny in the spring/summer season 2020, has also made place for the straight jeans with details of breaks pronounced in the area of the knees. But it has not been the only one, because the French firm Givenchy has created pants, slightly torn in the upper area of the leg. Nicolas Lecourt Mansion the he decorated with patches in different shades of blue and J Brand added buttons in the front.

What bodies are best straight jeans in trend in 2020?

Blanca Miro is one of the it girls that have opted for straight jeans in the Fashion Week of Paris.

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The advantage of pants straight is that you feel phenomenal every one of the female silhouettes. However, we advise especially for the physiognomy petitesince the cut helps to create an effect of illusion, which is responsible for stylize the legs of womenmaking them look more slender. The straightin addition, they are the jeans for women with low-hip because they play an important role to create volume in this area.

For the figure hourglass it is advisable to bet on a cut shot as high as possible, and in case you possess hips prominent or a silhouette pear choose a pant straight in dark color. The silhouettes rectangle should decant for a piece that shop at court skinnyas it will help to define. For the inverted triangle, (hips narrower than shoulders), it is recommended to decant for a straight version that is more loose-fitting.

How are the straight jeans in trend in 2020?

Denim + Denim is a combination infallible.

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You can combine the straight jeans with a jacket jean short, a t-shirt white underneath, black boots and a belt to tone to enhance the look. Denim with denim it is the combination to which we say yes again and again, and if you want, you can also emparentarlos with your sneakers favorite and a sweatshirt sports. However, if you want to create a outfit formal or more fixed only you have to accompany it with a white shirt and sandals-heeled extravagant or why not geometric.

What shoes are used the pants straight? A must of the wardrobe to conquer the street style is to bring a pair of jeans washed with stilettos in any shade of nude or shrill if you are looking for is not to go unnoticed. Also, they look perfect with sandals, boots, heels, mules or chunky boots black with a trench coat.

What are the most common mistakes when wearing straight jeans in trend in 2020?

Try to wear straight jeans that fit your height.

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The mistakes that you should avoid the use of straight jeans lie in to make garments that are too large for your height. Ideally, these are perfect and do not need to roll, nor cut them, as you run the risk of losing its primitive form. In addition, please keep in mind that the pockets should be in proportion to your silhouetteand it is better not to decant for a few excessively large. Finally, do not make the mistake of washing them all the time, this does not only fade but also will make them lose many of the properties of the fabric.