Video | Brad Pitt was “the guy from the weather” from your home


20 April, 2020 21:54

The famous actor became “the guy of the weather.” Brad Pitt meets with the quarantine, but that does not stop him to continue working.

Video | Brad Pitt was “the guy from the weather” from your home

The most famous are complying with the mandatory quarantine. In this case Brad Pitt follow the instructions to the letter. And their home is still doing important roles. In this case it became “the guy of the weather.”

And is that Brad Pitt joined to one of the videos that prepares John Krasinski, another great actor. Who tired of getting only bad news, created a space called “Some Good News” (some good news) in your YouTube account.

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Every Sunday, Krasinski sharing funny and weird stories in your program. The idea is to bring a little fun in the midst of the pandemic. The channel managed quickly 2 million subscribers, who comment with encouragement the crazy videos.

Video | Brad Pitt was “the guy from the weather” from your home
John Krasinski, created the space called “Some Good News” (some good news).

And in one of his deliveries, after showing a video recorded especially from a space station from NASA for the program, Krasinski asks for the weather forecast to “Brad”. Those who until that moment could be any person. Worse not. It is as well that appears Brad Pitt from a window with palm trees in the background.

“It looks pretty good, yes…”, says Brad Pitt leaning out a window and watching the outside for a few moments, before re-enter in your house. “Thanks Brad,” she responds Krasinski the actor.

But this is not the first time that Brad Pitt puts you in the shoes of the “boy of the climate”. A few years ago, the actor appeared several times on “The Jim Jefferies Show”, portraying a character who presented the weather on the news.

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Source: The Nation

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