VIDEO: The children of Masaka and the challenge of Drake

UGANDA.- The challenge of dance “Toosie Slide” Drake has brought a lot of joy during the pandemic of coronavirus, and is in charge of helping a group of african children to become viral to their movements … and spread even more joy.

If you missed it … the children of Masaka, composed of orphans from Uganda who have skills, mad dance, published their version of the ‘Slide’. When Drake shared his story of Instagram the following day, it exploded … just like the following social networking Masaka Kids.

Suuna Hassan , founder of the organization, tells TMZ … the children wanted to participate in the challenge because they love the song and hoped that Drake would realize, despite the fact that it was a remote possibility.

Fortunately, the interpretation of the children instantly began to gain strength in TikTok, Twitter and IG, and Drake realized … so I approached directly to ask if I could also publish the video.

Hassan says that he and the children wept with joy by the gesture and spent the next day celebrating and doing what they do best … dance more. In fact, they are sharing their action more recent, which shows that they have much more to do.

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