Warner may be preparing a remake of Batman vs Superman With new cast!


Warner surprised the fans of the Universe-Extended DC as you begin to arise rumors of its plans to produce the remake Batman vs Superman: the Origin of the Justice, tape that was released just 4 years.

Batman vs Superman

Batman vs Superman will have a remake

Starring Henry Cavill as Superman and Ben Affleck as Batman, “The origin of justice” it was one of the tapes most anticipated of the year, but its performance at the box office and with critics was not the one desired by Warner.

Therefore, Warner Bros., plans to launch again the tape of the confrontation between Batman and Superman with a cast of entirely new, and whose only “confirmed” would be Robert Pattinson, the new Bruce Wayne of the Universe Extended from DC.

Until now, the possibility of the remake of Batman vs Superman: The Origin of Justice is only a rumor, while Warner Bros., he has not made statements on the topic, but could to wait out the pandemic coronavirus to start the project.

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Batman vs Superman will have a remake

“Batman vs Superman: The Origin of Justice” will have a cast and a title completely new to avoid confusion with the movie directed by Zack Snyder.

Before you can begin production of the remake of Batman vs Superman, Warner will wait for the premiere of The Batman in October 2021, which will be presented to Robert Pattinson as the new Knight of the Night.

With respect to Superman, in the last few months have chased rumors of the departure of Henry Cavill in the Universe Paving of DC, so that Warner prepares the redesign of the character for the next movie starting with a new actor in the role of Clark Kent.

The unexpected remake of Batman vs Superman will mark the restart of the Universe Paving of DC, this with the objective to differentiate the new films from Warner Bros., the work of director Zack Snyder.