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Such a day as today April 22, 1970, is set for the first time the celebration of the Earth day. Was a united States senator, Gaylord Nelson, the first to declare in the spring of 1970 that he was going to celebrate a popular event at the national level on the environment. The television and the newspapers began to discuss environmental issues, and the day ended with settling down as an officer.

Years later, April 22, 1983, the journal news of West Germany’s Stern publishes the first of the diaries of Hitler they had discovered, which included 60 volumes of personal diaries purportedly written by Adolf Hitler. However, shortly after the publication, they were revealed by scientific evidence that they were false. Do you want to know more? Find out what happened to the April 22.

What happened on the 22nd of April?

In Spain

Alfonso XIII

1898: in Havana (Cuba), twenty u.s. ships blocking the bay, the first act of war of united States against Spain.
1923: in Madrid, king Alfonso XIII granted to the town of Pozoblanco the title of city.
1931: in Madrid opens the Barajas Airport.

In the world

22 April
Elian Gonzalez

1970: it is celebrated on the first Day of the Earth.
1991: in Costa Rica happens the Limon Quake of 7.6 degrees on the Richter scale, which shakes the city of Puerto Limon, and generates damage to roads and railway lines. Killed 50 people.
1992: in the city of Guadalajara (Mexico), a fuel spill in a drainage generated by violent explosions, destroying 15 miles of streets, and leave a balance of between 230 and 700 deaths, and between 800 and 1800 wounded.
1993: in the united States creates the version 1.0 of the internet browser Mosaic.
2000: in Miami (united States), the child Elian Gonzalez is taken by force by federal agents of the house of his family, where he was after his rescue off the coast of Florida.
2006: the president of Iraq Jalal Talabani proposes formally the nomination of Nuri Al-Maliki to the post of prime minister of the country; the Council of Representatives must approve or reject the application.
2010: in the Gulf of Mexico, off the coast of the united States, sinking the Deepwater Horizon, the company British Petroleum, and produces an oil spill.
2012: North korea threatens with the destruction of important objectives of its neighboring country South Korea, through a special activity that “would in a short time and it would last for three or four minutes,”.1

Who was born on the 22nd of April?

In Spain

22 April
Marta Larralde

1904: María Zambrano, a philosopher and essayist.
1908: Juan José López Ibor, a psychologist.
1915: José Maria Arizmendiarrieta, a priest.
1921: Venancio Perez, footballer.
1922: Emilio Alarcos Llorach, philologist.
1960By : José Antonio Abellán, journalist.
1968By : Fernando Cayo, actor.
1975: Carlos Sastre, cycling.
1977: Marco de Paula, actor.
1981By : Marta Larralde, actress.

In the world

22 April
Jeffrey Dean Morgan

1923: Bettie Page, american model.
1923: Aaron Spelling, producer of tv series american.
1937: Jack Nicholson, an american actor.
1938: Issey Miyake, japanese designer.
1946: John Waters, american filmmaker named.
1966: Jeffrey Dean Morgan, american actor.
1986: Amber Heard, american actress.

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Who died the 22 of April ?

In Spain

22 April
Miguel de Cervantes

1616: Miguel de Cervantes, novelist, poet, playwright and soldier.
1692Tomás de la Cerda, aristocrat.
1840By : Luis Fernández de Córdoba, military, political, and diplomatic.
1962: Alberto Colunga Cueto, a priest.

In the world

22 April
Richard Nixon

1867: Alexander Petrov, chess player Russian.
1983: Earl Hines, american pianist of jazz.
1994: Richard Nixon, u.s. president.
2005: Philip Morrison, american physicist.
2011: Sofia Silva Inserri, model venezuelan.
2013: Richie Havens, singer and guitarist of american folk.
2017: Michele attacking scarponi, cyclist Italian.

What is celebrated on the 22 of April?

22 April
Meteor shower: Date maximum activity of the shower Lyrids

Day of the Earth.
Meteor shower: Date maximum activity of the shower of Lyrids.