What joke or reality? Play with fashion to bring the looks more unexpected in home


The arrival of spring is an event for the wardrobe (the reason that the numbers of journals in march are so crucial). The change of season allows us to get rid of those propositions that become obsolete allowing welcome you all out to new trends. However, the limitations of a social life, and the cancellation of events have gone hand in hand forcing many models, actresses and influencers to become creative, dreaming up outfits to walk home with those who keep surprising his fans. Beyond those that have sought out alternatives with street clothes comfortabletoday , we’ve compiled the blends more with the original show that the fashion is the best medicine to raise the spirits.

Dress of a dancer

The tracksuit is so important in the closet more comfy of Chiara Ferragni it even has a collection with only the models of the set sports two-piece. However, he wanted to give a twist to your style by wearing a tulle gown reminiscent of the ballet dancers. An ethereal look that was in charge of cooking and playing with small Leone.