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Israel Elejalde, in a moment of 'Hamlet'.
Israel Elejalde, in a moment of ‘Hamlet’.

There are a lot of songs about the painful result on Monday. Perhaps the most popular is I don t like Mondays, of Boomtown Rats. Also the rocker argentine Moris wrote a, And on the Monday sad in the city. On a Monday, and in the situation we are in can be daunting. Surely with these cultural offerings will be more bearable. Mood.


A summit of Shakespeare. The Teatro Pavón Kamikaze offers until next Sunday in his YouTube channel the version Miguel of the Arc premiered in 2017 Hamlet, top of the theatre classic, revisited in a mise en scene up-to-date, respectful with the essence of the character, but brave at the time to make any necessary updates to enhance expression in his madness and torment. It is a co-production of Kamikaze with the National Company of Classical Theatre that he achieved great applause and rave reviews at its premiere. The role of Hamlet interprets Israel Elejalde.


Channel Academy. The Academy Cinema opened on Thursday its new channel on its website, Channel Academy, to put it in order and give luster to the activities implemented before and during confinement by the covid-19. There are available their encounters on Instagram, podcasts, videos, films, and upcoming master classes and talks from professionals. This week, for example, in their encounters #NuestroCineNosUne will participate Daniel Sánchez Arévalo, Barbara Lennie and Daniel Guzmán. The new channel also incorporates The podcast of Spanish cinema (in one of them Rodrigo Cortés tells the secrets of his film Buried) in the collaborating specialists from the different trades of cinema. In addition, scholars recommend video a Spanish film special to them, and thanks to the collaboration of RTVE digital, Netflix and FlixOlé, users will be able to access the watch directly movies hosted on these three platforms.


As a fish in the Net. With headquarters in Vienna and a space housed within the same building of the museo Thyssen-Bornemisza in Madrid, the foundation of art contemporary TBA21, presiding Francesca Thyssen and directs Carlos Urroz, also joins the wave of cultural proposals in the Network. Up to the 28th day of April, offering free access to through this link the short-2017 内共生 (Inside the Shared Life), performed by Erin Espelie. The movie deals with the heterodox biography of the biologist Lynn Margulis, who coined the term of endosimbiosis to define the idea of collaboration between different organisms. The film Espelie mixture audios in which people listen to the scientist talk about his theories with the sounds made by creatures in the ocean such as shrimp chasqueador, the foca barbuda or the sperm whale. The proposal opens the cycle LOVE, a reflection audio-visual around the relationship between different species of animals, and part of the basis of the exposure of Joan Jonas Moving off the Land II, a project inspired by the texts of Emily Dickinson and Herman Melville on oceans and the recordings underwater biologist David Gruber, a specialist in coral reefs. “I’ve always identified a lot with the fish. I never get tired of looking at them,” said Jonas in a recent interview with THE COUNTRY. “To Me it is the same as with children…”.

THE COUNTRY remains in the house

Activities, plans and experiences in family or solo, to make bearable the confinement


Two hours with star. It has been called the Live Aid era of the coronavirus, a meeting of stars gathered to raise money for the fight against the pandemic that we get hit. They were veterans such as Paul McCartney, the Rolling Stones or Stevie Wonder, with young people like Billie Eilish, Taylor Swift, or Lizzo. All sang from their homes, a single song. There were some exciting moments, like McCartney playing Lady Madonna, with a speech where he talks about his mother, a nurse during the Second World War. It was also touching to listen to Swift sing a theme dedicated to his mother, who has cancer. You can relive this One World: Together At Home at full in the page of RTVE TO The Letter. It is worth it.


A tea with Eduardo Mendoza and a novel in installments. At 7 pm Spanish time, today, Monday, and to whet the busy calendar of the first Day of the Book confined to be held on Thursday, the writer and Cervantes prize Eduardo Mendoza will hold a talk with John Carlin. The meeting can be followed live on the Instagram account of the publishing house Seix Barral and @plantedelibros. In times of alarm state, with almost all paralyzed, there is little that is new publishers, but some reaches, for example, the new novel by deliveries and exclusive in the web of John Connolly The strange sisters Strange, with Charlie Parker as the protagonist, with new chapters every week.


Revelation home. The mini collective Women Topo, formed by the illustrators Ana Oncina, Bea Tormo, Genie Espinosa and Clara Soriano, has decided to send what could well be his four wacky alter egos to an unknown dimension that in reality we know very well (some kind of end of the world in march) and see what it gives them the matter of not leaving the house and have to live with. The result is aniquilantes bullets with a sense of humour corrosive and liberating, in a green and white radioactive, which tries to anticipate what is to come, or redrawn from a fiction (non-fiction) badass what could be happening behind any of the four walls in which these days we are locked in. The thing, the invention, arose out of a conversation whatsapp among the four, and hopefully one day, when all this is over and we can go to the bookstores, have a physical format so that we can taking it home turned into a crazy travelogue of what it was, or could be. Meanwhile, we can continue to your Instagram.

Video game

End shots. Borderlands it is a call looter shooter, that is to say, a shooting game that includes elements of role-playing, or action role playing game, in which we create characters and then we launched into a hostile world, and wild-and in this case also fantastic – with components-apocalyptic and science fiction – to shoot everything that moves, or almost. Aclamadísimo and premiadísimo, has at least a couple of sequels, but we’ll be able to enjoy free (for Xbox One and PC, via Steam) is the first of all, remastered and re-released, the call Game of the Year Edition. Yes, this is a limited offer –until this Thursday– so hurry. Give to choose from, Roland the Soldier, Mordecai the Hunter, Lilith the Siren, and Brick a Berserke, and with any cross you can suggest a mission that give you experience points, money or items.

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