What’s more see the ticos on Netflix: Betty la fea, Pablo Escobar, narconovelas and films that are ‘already played’


The actor colombiano Andrés Parra was consecrated for his portrayal of Pablo Escobar in The 'pattern of evil', one of the favorite series of os ticos on Netflix. Photo: Courtesy
The actor colombiano Andrés Parra was consecrated for his portrayal of Pablo Escobar in The ‘pattern of evil’, one of the favorite series of os ticos on Netflix. Photo: Courtesy

Apparently, when the stories of Beatriz Pinzon and Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria deals, Costa Rica will never have enough.

No matter Repretel broadcast over the years time and time again, the soap opera colombian I am Betty, the ugly (1999), and Escobar, el patron del mal (2012) and that even those who never saw them to know how to end both stories. It does not matter nor does the millonada that invests Netflix on original productions that will shine with glittering names of Hollywood stars, as for the subscribers in costa rica that service streamingapparently there is no one to surpass Betty and Escobar.

Since some weeks ago on Netflix and it began to publish the weekly list of the 10 most consumed by country, Betty la fea and The pattern of evil have been occupants fixed within the Top 10. It may be that to move a box up or down with each new update, but nobody is able to expel them from the coveted ten.

Infographic: William Sanchez, and Jessica Rojas
Infographic: William Sanchez, and Jessica Rojas

With a few months of information, even you can go by checking some of the clearest trends in the use that you make of the ticos, Netflix, by far the platform streaming preferred in the country: in addition to the two endless soap operas already mentioned, it is common to find the 10 productions more views in the country at least a couple of narconovelas of a lesser name that The pattern of evil, as well as one or two films of “the catalogue”, which are understood as films which premiere already for a good time in the cinemas, and that met even the whole cycle of cable channels, pirated DVDS and broadcast tv prior to getting to Netflix. These tapes can’t be taken as “premieres” but when you get to the Netflix experience a second wind, levantín that they do not usually hold for more than a week.

To this add the presence of almost fixed one or two Spanish series, as well as the premiere streaming of the week that Netflix will puts all his effort of promotion. Let’s look at some of the most frequent cases within the beloved of Costa Rica in that service online:

For a lot of the soap opera, the more successful that has been passed down in Costa Rica, this production colombian is non-combustible. During its original broadcast in the country, in 2000, thousands of families changed their routines to see Betty and the next day the events of the signature Ecomoda were the topic of conversation in offices, classrooms, and buses.

The flagship programme of the RCN network reached the 156 episodes and went back to Netflix in October 2019, just 20 years after its premiere on television. Since then it has remained among the most watched programs in all the countries of Latin america. In the online service, each program was reduced to little more than 20 minutes in length, so that the number there adds up to a enormous total of 335 deliveries.

Escobar: el patron del mal

2012, this extended telenovela Caracol TV (aired 113 chapters) was another shot in his time to Repretel, which he premiered with the public tico. Based on the life of legendary drug dealer Pablo Escobar and his reign of terror to the front of the Poster of Medellín, the series has shown a great performance in Netflix, which incorporated it into its catalog from 2015 (there is available in your cropped version international, 74 episodes).

In the list of the 21 of April, Netflix includes among its most watched programs in Costa Rica to the soap operas The dragon: The return of a warrior, The end of paradise and The pilot. The three series have in common that address, from different angles, the life of drug traffickers in Latin america and originally broadcast on Univision or Telemundo.

From the success of The pattern of evilthe tv channels of Colombia, Mexico and the united States began to produce, at a pace overwhelming, dozens of series inspired by the world of the traffickers or the authorities that fight, all in the line of the soap opera. Many of them have already gone through the programming Teletica and Repretel prior to your arrival to Netflix, where today they number in the dozens.

Are you one of those who in public is angered by the existence of the narconovelas but in private can’t stop eating them? Then, Netflix is his accomplice. There are already available The queen of the south, The lord of the heavens and The Chema, Rosario-Scissors, The dolls of the mafia, the cartel of the toads, Without breasts there is no paradise, Marginal

The “premiere” of the week

The weekend of the 18th and 19th of April, the most seen by the ticos in Netflix was Focus, a movie in 2015 about a couple of con artists, played by Will Smith and Margot Robbie. This tape happened for the movie theaters to costa rica five years ago without penalty or glory and disappeared from theaters in less than a month. How then the love both on Netflix?

In the weeks leading up we live similar situations with other films that we thought had already been played, as a comedy Intern fashion (2015), with Robert De Niro, and the film cut christian The cabin, of the 2017. Both recently came to Netflix and was catapulted into the taste of an audience that in times of quarantine welcomes any “new” offer of movies.

The three films had a week of tremendous consumption on that platform and the next one started to fall in the top 10 of Netflix, which is very safe to say, never to return again.

Doesn’t matter what week we set, just as there are very high chances that on Netflix the ticos are stuck to one or two Spanish series. For these days are imposed by the logical presence of The house of paperas its fourth season premiered just a couple of weeks, right in the middle of the quarantine, but the same could be talking about The girls of the wire, Vis-A-Vis, Elite, Toy Boy or Velvet Collection.

Nobody saw it coming…

Once in a while appears in the Netflix series or movie that you did not promotion, of which we do not know more thing and that even so, or perhaps precisely because of its character of surprise, ends up becoming its tremendous success.

The recent case more notorious has been the emotional movie Turkish Miracle in cell sevento the ticos were turned on intensely for a week. In the same line you can also locate the well-received mini-series German Unorthodoxor the romantic comedy English Love, wedding, random.