Why is Zac Efron not sing at the meeting of the ‘High School Musical’?


  • The meeting of the actors of ‘High School Musical’ singing ‘All In This Together’ in the ‘singalong’ home of Disney generated a lot of ‘hype’, until we knew that Zac Efron it would not participate.
  • The actor only presented to their peers, and now we know why.

    It has already been 14 years since it premiered the first film of the saga ‘High School Musical’ (2006). In all this time, a lot ‘it has rained’ for the actors and actresses, who jumped to world fame thanks to the success of the history but, above all, by the songs. For the fans, listen to today’s ‘Start of something new’ or ‘Breaking free’ removes many feelings, something that Disney is not overlooked when making that ‘singalong’ that we saw a few days ago, in which several artists ‘gathered’ from their houses to sing.

    Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato, and Christina Aguilera were some of the artists that we enjoy, but one of the most anticipated moments was the meeting of the ‘cast’ of ‘High School Musical’ therefore, since it was announced in an official way, generated a lot of debate focused on the question: “do you sing also Zac Efron?”.

    Sure that you know that he is the most detached of the group and, taking into account that the other two big stars of the saga (Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale) are friends, we were not surprised when we learned the news: he doesn’t sing. Even so, presented to their peers in a kind of introduction that left us wanting more.

    And today we know the reason why Zac decided not to sing.

    Why is Zac Efron not sing at the meeting of the ‘High School Musical’

    “That, and posts, what would have cost him?” they think all the fans. There’s a reason. According has revealed to the website ‘Hollywood Life’, “from that time there are very good moments, but there are also a lot of pain, that has to do with your relationship with Vanessa. Between them did not speak, so work in such a situation would have been very difficult, because he would have loved to try to do it well, and that would mean working with her. He is now a man completely different and he left all that behind, why did just the introduction.”

    The fans we are without words. And we understand, by the ‘tweets’ that were generated around the event, that we have no other that live of the memories (the beautiful), but go cloth.