Will there be third season of the Queen of The South?


The Queen of the South


Today is the big premiere, Telemundo special edition of the successful series, “the Queen of The South”, the transmission starts at 10:00 PM, Eastern Time. In an interview with The Journal of NY, Kate Del Castillo, the protagonist of the project, answered the question that made all the fans of her character of Teresa Mendoza: doThere will be a third season of the Queen of The South?

“There has been talk of a third season, but it really has not been confirmed. It would be good that the fans asked for it. To me I love that character (Teresa Mendoza). I amuse myself as a dwarf on it, and I have a special affection. The first season was incredibly good. And the second I never expected that it would go still better. It’s crazy,” said the mexican actress on the possibility of a third season of “the Queen of The South”.

The Castle continued by admitting that, if she were, I would be completely willing to work on a new season of the series:

“I do because I have fun a lot. And thanks to “The Queen” I’ve known a lot of countries. Maybe not something so long, because each chapter is made almost like a film. We took a lot of time to record. To be open television, had never done a series with so much quality and so much budget in all of Latin america. You can be sure that if you were to do a third season, it’s not going to be of less quality. In the first season we were a little bit poor [risas]but what matters is the story”.

The second season of “La Reina del Sur” premiered in the month of April, 2019 on the screens of Telemundo, the project starring Kate del Castillo reached a record audience in the united States until the date of your last episode that was aired on the 29th of July 2019.

Personalities com Raoul Bova, Paola Núñez, Mark Tacher, Flavio Medina, Luisa Gavasa, Antonio Gil and Humberto Zurita were part of the cast of the second season of the television series.

What was the most recent project of Kate del Castillo?

The last project acting of Kate Del Castillo was the movie “Bad Boys For Life”, starring actors Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. In the film, the mexican star played the character of Isabel Earrings.

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