Zara wants you to retrieve this accessory to your teens


Sure you’ve heard more on more than one occasion that that fashion is ciclícaan affirmation that we see season after season thanks to publishers and collections in which we see elements that remind us of times past. The last few months we have experienced a turnaround of the trends that were shown off in the 90’s as the bandana, the bag baguette or the total denim look thanks to models like Gigi and Bella Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski, or Kendall Jenner. However, the new season of Zara in contradiction to these celebrities and sentence that your next object of desire has its inspiration in the early years of the decade of the 2000. The Spanish brand has launched a new campaign that makes it clear: this spring you need a tissue thin.

New season of ZaraVIEW GALLERY

In the last few hours, the flagship of Inditex has been put up for sale his new collection of the line Studioa series of garments are exclusive limited edition in which the protagonists are the tissue fluids, the patterns are comfortable and spacious and the neutral tones as the palette of gray, pink dusty, or beige. In addition to fall in love with its games of texturesthat combination of delicate fabrics coated with velvets and cottons, has called us the attention that virtually all the looks that propose they come presented with the same accessory which we did not see for a long time.

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Hilary Duff with scarfVIEW GALLERY

It is a tissue-thin that conquered the adolescents of the year 2000, as were many famous girls Disney Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Miley Cyrus, or Hilary Duff, who made this type of design one of the major characteristics of his style. This add-on he practiced as a hybrid between necklace and scarfespecially if you had just as Zara offers this year, giving a single round and letting the sides hang down to the hip (or beyond). One of the advantages of this type of scarves are long and very narrow was his versatility, as the celebrities it carried both the red carpet and in their looks of street.

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Miley Cyrus with a handkerchief fineVIEW GALLERY

The former Lizzie McGuire showed in 2003, when he was 16 years old, the facet is more romantic and feminine, this add-in to the opt for one that is decorated with sequins in pastel shades. However, his companion profession Miley Cyrus preferred to make their version more rock grunge in 2008 (interestingly, at that time, the former Hannah Montana also was on the verge of turning 16). She opted for a model of point-in-tone tile, and added a simple white t-shirt, straight jeans, and leather jacket.

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The proposals of the Spanish brand for this season are more in line with the image of Hilary, since they are made of tissues very light shades dusty, and added beading decoration metallic. However, it depends on how it is combined can fit perfectly in a more rude way. If you also love this trend which is a pure comeback dosmilero, you have it easy. This scarf from Zara that you will find in different colors on your web page is on sale for 22,95.