5 series of Apple TV that give them a chance


Apple TV it is one of the last stakes in audiovisual content in the world of platforms. What has made betting on tv shows and movies that feature big names. As a small sample of their catalog, few days ago announced that it would free some of the titles available to people, whether users or not of the platform. Here we will explain to you what were some of those titles, between the that stood out Dickinson or Servant.

However, Apple TV gives you much more of himself. Between the series offered in the usual way in your deal-available if you have a device in the apple bite-are titles really interesting. We have selected five that we consider some of the essentialsif you’re curious to know what is interesting in the Apple TV.


One of the strong draws of Apple TV, without any doubt. With Jason MomoaAquaman, Game of thrones- as the protagonist, See is presented to us as a series of science fiction dystopian. He tells us the story of Baba Voss -Momoa-, a warrior tribal whose mission is to protect the life of two new born twins from an evil queen who wants to end their lives. The reason? In the post-apocalyptic world where the action takes place, all of humanity is blind, except the twins who have the ability to see. They put in jeopardy the status quo of their world, and are therefore considered a threat.

Morning Show

Another of the great design of Apple TV filled with heavy weights of the small and big screen. Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, Steve Carell, or Gugu Mbatha-Raw are some of the names featured in the series. Morning Show relates the secrets behind a program tv morning newsof its drop and the rivalries existing. It all begins when Mitch Kessler -Carell – is dismissed for having had an inappropriate sexual behavior, leaving Alex Levy -Aniston – at the helm of the program after fifteen years co-presenting it. Alex will fight to keep your position and your program while Bradley Jackson -Witherspoon – tries to be done with his job.

Truth be told

Starring Octavia SpencerMaids and ladies, the shape of The water-, Truth be told it is based on a novel of the same name written by Kathleen Barber.Follow the adventures of the journalist Poppy Parnell, specializing in the gender true crime, who reopens the case that made her famous almost a decade ago. Such a case is that of Warren Cave, a man who ended up behind bars for a murder that, after the emergence of new evidence, maybe not committed. Parnell will then have to amend the past mistakes which led to the incarceration of the Cave.

Defending Jacob

Okay, this is cheating because premiering on April 24but your protagonist deserved to be present in this list. And that is, if you’re a fan of the Captain Americasurely you are interested in. The reason? Chris Evans is the protagonist of this promising drama. Defending Jacob it is based on a book of the same name and follows the story of Andy Barber, assistant attorney discovers that his own son might be involved in a murder. Thereafter shall be divided between uphold justice or to protect your child.

For all mankind

What would have happened if the space race to conquer the moon wouldn’t have won the united States? What if he had been the USSR? How would I changed that the course of History? This is the premise that is shuffled in For all mankind -For all mankind-, created by Ronald D. Moore, responsible for Battlestar Galactica. It stars Joel Kinnaman –House of cards-, Michael Dorman –The invisible man- and Sarah Jones –The path-.