5 tips for using baby oil and show off a skin of envy


5 tips for using baby oil and show off a skin of envy.- The baby oil is not just for babies, you know that? it has many uses that you could take care of your skin.

The main use of the baby oil is especially to hydrate your skin and feel how smooth it can get to be; if well-known this is very delicate and need some care that is made with that aceitito. However, the human being can continue using it throughout your entire body despite the age.

Baby oil to show off a skin of envy

5 tips for using baby oil and show off a skin of envy.

Dry, cracked feet

Wash your feet as you normally do, rub it with a pumice stone, and lastly smeared with baby oil and gives a small massage, cover with your socks and you will see great improvement.

During pregnancy

Pregnant women can have itching in the abdominal area, this is where the baby oil comes in, because by massaging with this one in that area will remove the discomfort and in addition prevents the appearance of stretch marks.

Removes the cuticle

Put a few drops of baby oil on your nails and so will be more soft in order to remove the cuticle more easily and this process will become more simple to carry out.

Make-up remover

If you are looking for a make-up remover perfect, then baby oil is the correct one, because it is very careful with your skin, moisten a cotton pad and removed the makeup, and not shalt thou mar the corners of your face.

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Repels mosquitoes

For those days where the mosquitoes attack and leave huge welts, just apply baby oil on your arms and legs so that you do not get bitten and ready, you’ll be able to enjoy that day in the field.

Source: In Couple