Aislinn Derbez reveals that do not want to lose to Mauricio Ochmann

The separation that is living Aislinn Derbez and Mauricio Ochmann it is not easy, especially because there is still love between them.

In an interview for the podcast Roger Gonzalez presents, the daughter of Eugenio Derbez she opened her heart to give out some details about how hard it is being your separation and what he still feels for Mauritius.

“I’m going through a phase very difficult and strong in my life because we decided to separate us, my husband and I, but the problem is that we love one another as you don’t have an idea. It is not for lack of love, we adore, we get along amazing, we are best friends”


The actress also told that the reason for their separation was not a betrayal or lack of love.

“Yes, it was a decision of ‘is Not working the couple, then we’re going to see why the other side what we see”.

Plus, Aislinn confessed that do not want to lose to Mauricio Ochmann!

“Is a person that I want for my entire life(…) He’s never going to stop being my family, we’re going to be family until we die, all life”.

Do you believe that someday return this pair?

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