All you need to know about the event of the NFL

The Draft of 2020 NFL it will be historic. Due to the pandemic that we are experiencing, will not be in a single place, but in the face of the impossibility of escaping,a representative of each team will make its selection from its domicile and the commissioner, also from home, the will make it official. It’s all by means of video conferencing!

The best thing for the public is that, to see it all and at no extra charge. ESPN and Fox Sports what be broadcast live, while the NFL will available streams for Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

And not only will there be recruitment of players, as accompanied by the reinforcement of the teams of the NFL there will also be a great show, with personalities of the artistic as Kevin Hart, Kelly Clarkson, Luke Bryan, H. E. R., Leslie Odom Jr., OneRepublic, Offset, Storm Reid, Reginae Carter, Jennifer Hudson, DJ Khaled, Brad Paisley and characters of the grate as Tom Brady, Russell Wilson, Travis Kelce, Cam Jordan, Michael Strahan, Larry Fitzgerald, and Kirk Cousins… and that’s nothing more between those who are confirmed

The first round will be this Thursday at 19 hours, time of Mexico; the second and third rounds will be Friday, starting at 18 hours; and the last rounds, from the fourth to the seventh, will be held on Saturday from 11.

The event has received the name of Draft-A-Thon because it will also serve to raise funds in support of the fight against the SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes the disease covid-19). Donations may be made in, and all proceeds will go to six charities, non-profit daily struggle in the first line against the coronavirus.

Everything is ready for that the Bengalis of Cincinnati to give a start to this party with the first pick of the Draftwill they choose as it is expected to quarterback Joe Burrow, or we’ll have some surprise? The show is about to begin, and it will be best not to miss a moment of it.


1. Cincinnati

2. Washington

3. Detroit

4. NY Giants

5. Miami

6. THE Chargers

7. Carolina

8. Arizona

9. Jacksonville

10. Cleveland

11. NY Jets

12. Las Vegas

13. San Francisco (from Indianapolis)

14. Tampa Bay

15. Denver

16. Atlanta

17. Dallas

18. Miami (Pittsburgh)

19. Las Vegas (Chicago)

20. Jacksonville (of THE Rams)

21. Philadelphia

22. Minnesota (from Buffalo)

23. New England

24. New Orleans

25. Minnesota

26. Miami (from Houston)

27. Seattle

28. Baltimore

29. Tennessee

30. Green Bay

31. San Francisco

32. Kansas City


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