Amazing! Chris Pratt played him a practical joke on his wife The daughter of Arnold Schwarzenegger!


Katherine Schwarzenegger went to his account of Instagram to show their followers, the step that follows for a recipe, however, did not count on the participation of Chris Pratt.

And is that the actor, who is recognized for his sense of humor, decided to appear in the Live that he was conducting his wife to play a practical joke.

While the writer attempted to show the preparation of a cake made of strawberries, has been surprised by the producer who has started to make comments outside of the house and make the noise of all kinds to generate laughter.

In the transmission, it is possible to observe the daughter of the politician to constantly look out of the camera while you hear strange noises until he could no longer contain more the laughter, the reason was Pratt.

“While I do this video… I will start by saying that my husband will play golf in the background while I cook”, he began by saying the writer, while in the background you can hear the voice of “Star-Lord” asking you to turn the camera.

To the surprise of all who watched the Live, the protagonist of “Jurassic World” appeared in front of the camera to ensure that: “I Am here to attest that the banana bread Katherine is remarkable, it will take less than a day.”

Without a doubt, Chris Pratt has become one of the favorite actors in Hollywood thanks to his characters, but above all for the sense of humor that transmits on each one of them.